Rose Hydrosol


Rose Hydrosol


This all-time favourite Rose Otto Hydrosol has strong antiseptic and regenerative properties which helps against inflammation. It is calming to emotions as well as a regulator for respiratory health. On the skin, it can combat allergic reactions, wounds, burns, hives and itching.

Available in 100ml, 1L, 5L

Ingredients: Rosa damascena​ (Rose Otto) hydrosol

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Directions: Spray as facial toner, hair, body, linen or as room mist.

As a facial mist or toner, rejuvenate, hydrate, soften your skin to restore your skin radiance and youthfulness.
Nourish, calm any redness and irritation as a body spray.
You can use it to hydrate your hair and restore your hair shine as a hair spray.

Hydrosols are condensated water co-produced during the steam-distillation of essential oils. They are water-based and gentler in nature, making it suitable for babies, kids, the elderly and pets. With a subtler and softer scent, this aromatic water contains the plant's essence and is as powerful as their essential oil counterpart.

Unlike those in the market, our hydrosols are not the by-product of essential oil distillation - they are distilled solely for its hydrosol with fresh plant materials to derive from actual therapeutic waters.

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5L, 100ml, 1L


  1. Esther Ong (verified owner)

    I love this item so much! The hydrosol left my face feeling soft and hydrated…and the smell is so good 😀 I will be sure bring this item everytime I travel to dry and cold countries to keep my skin hydrated. The only downside of this product is… I can’t stop using it… 😁😁😁 Highly recommended!

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Very good and high quality hydrosol. Good for both external use and consuming as well ! Soften the skin when it’s use as a toner. Moreover, when it’s added into warm water for drinking, it helped with menstruation cramps. Definitely recommended! Amazing!

  3. Ng Jesslyn

    Nila’s rose hydrosol is my daily companion after a shower or whenever i feeling a little spa-like calming, just by spraying over my face or chest area, the scent is so soothing and moisturising! This hydrosol is a must-get and used over a long period of time, the skin on my face has become more radiant anhd youthful looking~!!

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