Aromatic Kinesiology Course


Led by visiting teacher Ms Angelika Klotz, this unique Aromatic Kinesiology course promises to take you into the world of aroma with an emphasis on enhancing spirit, look and feel of life.

This pioneering work on the psychological benefits of essential oils and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences was first established by Australian Robbi Zeck in 1992. This course includes guided meditations, acupressure, soft touch for emotional regulation, time for quiet reflection and explores how to use essential oils as potent, yet gentle aromatic anchors to facilitate change and release unresolved stress.

Within this framework you will learn many practical techniques that blend aromatherapy with kinesiology, narrative counselling and how to reframe emotional issues. This course is for anyone who wants to experience greater joy and contentment, develop emotional resilience, align with their heart’s desire, have more confidence, make better decisions, experience a calm nervous system, honour their unique expression and have more energy and vitality.

No prior learning is required to attend.

This course will be held from Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July. Please see below for the exact timing and schedule.



Course Details

Dates: Friday 26 July 6pm-9pm, Saturday 27 July 9am-5:30pm, Sunday 28 July 9am-5:30pm
Faciliator: Ms Angelika Klotz

24 Sin Ming Lane, #05-103 Midview City, Singapore 573970

Please arrive 10 minutes before the event to ensure a prompt start.


What will I learn in this course?

In this course, we will look at the Essential Oil Reflections as metaphors for change.

Together, we will learn about:

• The Aromatic Emotional Barometer chart and learn how to use it
• 60 essential oils, how they influence our emotions and daily use of essential oils for wellness strategies
• The incredible power of olfaction and how smell affects the brain
• Emotional patterns and how they affect our health and wellbeing
• Healing as a personal journey and the art of reflective and introspective practice
• How to reframe emotional issues, release emotional stress and change patterns of behaviour that are no longer useful
• Blossoming Heart Affirmations, Heart Blossom acupuncture points to settle the emotional heart and Blossoming Heart relaxation reflexes
• How to release blocked emotional energy with ease and stay connected to our beautiful heart energy
• The importance of setting clear boundaries and creating alignment with your heart’s desires
• Kinesiology – how to hear, feel and understand the body’s voice
• Creating essential oil blends the Aromatic Kinesiology way
• How to use this work to turn your attention towards forward focused living
• Love, Grace and Gratitude as a daily practice
• Experience a beautiful guided Rose flower meditation session

… and much more!


About The Speaker

Growing up in Germany, Angelika always held an interest in holistic healthcare and ways to assist other on their path to health. After a back surgery, her interest in complementary healing was sparked. While living in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Angelika studied many alternative healing modalities influenced by Easter philosophies. She graduated from Asia Pacific Aromatherapy at the start of the millennium and since then has created a very unique blend of different therapies in her practice. Education, self-care tips and rituals play a big role in encouraging clients and students on their path to become healthy and whole again.

Angelika is certified in practicing and teaching Aromatherapy, Aromatic Kinesiology, Esogetic Colourpuncture and Energy Emission Analysis and Reiki. She is also certified as an advanced BodyTalker and PaRama Practitioner, and she holds a diploma for Traditional Chinese Medicine. She resides in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband of over 40 years and countless essential oils. You can find out more on or


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