Trauma Oil


A deeply soothing and classic herbal blend of St. John’s Wort, Calendula and Arnica infused oils in 100% pure, cold-pressed olive oil and sweet almond oil.

This powerhouse blend is prized for its amazing ability to relieve pain and inflammation from bruises, sprains, strains, rheumatism and arthritis.

It is a calming and natural remedy that soothes nerve and muscular pain. Also excellent to use in healing of almost any kind of physical trauma.

Suitable to be used alone, or add appropriate essential oils.

Available in 100ml.



Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum in Olea europaea (St John’s Wort infused) oil, Arnica montana in Prunus amygdala (Arnica infused) oil, Calendula officinalis in Prunus amygdala (Calendula officinalis infused) oil

Directions: Apply when necessary to affected area to relieve pain, or blend with essential oils to enhance efficacy. See dilution chart here.

Caution: May cause photosensitivity. Do not apply 12 hours before going under the sun.


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