Nila Stress Away Blend | 7 Best Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Did you know that the month of April marks the observance of Stress Awareness Month? This month is dedicated to raising awareness on the issue of stress, the negative impact that stress can have on our mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the importance of learning how to manage stress to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you find yourself feeling burnt out and constantly on edge, it could be a sign that chronic stress is affecting your nervous system. When our bodies are constantly in "fight or flight" mode, this could lead to dysregulation and imbalances within our nervous system. Aromatherapy can offer a natural and effective approach to combating stress. Just using a few drops of essential oils is enough to transform your environment and your mindset, leaving tension behind and embracing a sense of calm.

If you want to experience how aromatherapy can help you alleviate stress, why not try Nila's Stress Away Blend? This is one of the best blends of premium essential oils for stress relief, designed by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist to relieve stress, tension and fatigue, while supporting your mind, body and soul.

Using Essential Oils for Stress Relief

There are many ways and lifestyle changes that we can make to help reduce our stress levels. Ensuring we have enough sleep, engaging in regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and practicing mindfulness and meditation are all important ways that can help us to manage stress.

However, if our nervous systems are dysregulated, it may be difficult to take the first step. For example, if we are not sleeping well due to stress, this can create a vicious cycle where stress worsens sleep disturbances, and poor sleep further worsens stress. This is where aromatherapy can provide valuable support and help restore balance to our nervous system, ultimately improving our overall wellbeing. Think of aromatherapy as a supportive friend that you can lean on to help you take the first step, and a companion that will make the journey along the way much easier as well.

Aromatherapy, the practice of using aromatic plant extracts for therapeutic purposes, is a natural and effective way to reduce stress, alleviate tension and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve your general wellbeing. Research has shown that essential oils can have a profound impact on our mind and body. Incorporating certain essential oils into your daily routine through methods like diffusion, topical application, or inhalation can offer significant benefits in managing our stress levels.

Essential oils use different pathways to promote relaxation and support our mental and physical health. When essential oils are diffused or inhaled, their volatile molecules interact with our olfactory system and exert a direct impact on our brain's limbic system. This area of the brain plays a central role in processing emotions, memories and regulating our mood. The direct interaction between the aromatic molecules of essential oils and our brain can evoke powerful emotional responses, depending on the specific properties of the essential oil. Alternatively, when we apply essential oils on our skin (always diluted appropriately with a carrier oil), the active compounds in essential oils will be absorbed into our bloodstream. From there, they circulate through our body and help to address not only our emotional wellbeing but also ease any physical discomforts such as muscle tension or inflammation.

Through these ways, using essential oils for stress relief can bring about feelings of calm and tranquility, mental clarity and overall health. In addition, the accessibility of essential oils means it is easy to incorporate into our lives, making it a valuable tool in stress management.

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Nila's Stress Away Blend: Crafted with the Best Essential Oils for Stress

Nila Singapore's Stress Away Blend is one of the best essential oil blends for relieving anxiety and stress.

It is a carefully crafted blend, featuring seven of the best essential oils for stress relief. Each essential oil in this blend is selected for their unique therapeutic properties and aromas. They are blended in an exact ratio, and work together synergistically to reduce tension, soothe worries and anxiousness, uplift moods, promote relaxation, ease mental and physical fatigue, and foster emotional balance and healing. Stress Away Blend also helps to promote an overall sense of calm and wellbeing by reducing our mental and physical fatigue.

Now, let us learn about each of the essential oils that make up the Stress Away Blend.

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1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender, also called the Mother of all essential oils, is one of the most popular and widely recognised essential oils for stress relief.

Lavender is an uplifting essential oil that promotes physical and emotional balance, as well as a general state of wellbeing. True Lavender, which is distilled from Lavandula angustifolia, is easy to distinguish from other varieties of Lavender or Lavandin due to its herbaceous scent with gentle floral notes. Lavender essential oil has soothing properties that calm the mind and relax the body, making it a staple in aromatherapy practices. It adds a gentle aroma to the blend that envelops the senses and alleviates tension and anxiety.

Nila Singapore's Organic Lavender essential oil is one of the best in Singapore. Sourced from Bulgaria, it has a high linalool and linalyl acetate content, which strengthens the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.

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We all know about the benefits of chamomile tea and how it is often enjoyed as a calming beverage before bedtime to aid sleep. But what about the benefits of Roman Chamomile essential oil?

Roman Chamomile essential oil is a soothing and gentle oil that promotes an amazing sense of calm. With its delicate floral fragrance, this is a powerful essential oil for stress relief and can be used to combat insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches and migraines. Known for its calming and sedative properties, Roman Chamomile quietens our mind, comforts our nervous system and helps us to find serenity in the midst of life's demands.

It is therefore one of the best essential oils for stress, anxiety and unease, especially for those who suffer from insomnia or have difficulties sleeping due to stress.

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Sweet Marjoram is a warm and comforting essential oil with a gentle herbal aroma. It is a valuable essential oil for stress relief as it is excellent when used to soothe and relax muscles. When added to massage oils, it helps to reduce muscle inflammation as well as ease any areas of tension and aches.

Beyond the physical, Sweet Marjoram is also one of the best essential oils for mental health support. It has a nurturing quality that encourages emotional balance and healing from within. Its subtle yet effective nature helps to calm any nervous tension and gently soothe a busy and overactive mind.

Sweet Marjoram is best used after a long and busy day at work in order to help us to let go of our worries and have a restful evening.

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Cedarwood essential oil is a grounding essential oil with a foresty and earthy scent that reminds us of the Japanese tradition of forest bathing. It is often used in meditation as it helps promote feelings of security and balance by anchoring the mind and body in the present.

With its rich and woody aroma, what Cedarwood essential oil has to offer in the chaos of modern life is a stabilising presence of life force. As we think of the majestic Cedar tree, the essential oil evokes a sense of strength and resilience in our minds.

Use Cedarwood essential oil to banish negative anxiety, reduce nervous tension and relieve stress; and allow the gentle aroma to calm your mind and help you to find peace and balance.

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Bergamot essential oil, with its warm citrus aroma, provides a delightful burst of sunshine to brighten even the darkest of days and moods. An extremely uplifting and relaxing essential oil, Bergamot can be used to support the emotional heart and ease tension in our mind and body, especially when we are faced with stressful situations.

It is one of the best essential oils for stress relief as it instantly uplifts our mood and invigorates our senses. When we inhale the citrus and fruity aroma of Bergamot, this has a harmonising effect on the mind and instills in us a sense of optimism and hope.

This ability to promote relaxation while simultaneously energising the spirit makes Bergamot a valuable essential oil for managing stress and improving our overall wellbeing.

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Grapefruit essential oil is one of the best citrus oils for stress relief. It has a invigorating citrus scent, offering a vibrant contrast that brings a burst of freshness and vitality to any essential oil blend.

With its cheerful and uplifting aroma, Grapefruit has an energetic quality that stimulates our senses and promotes a sense of clarity. It can help us to reframe our mindset, reset our minds and refocus on the situation.

If you are feeling burnt out, tired, in a bad mood or having difficulty concentrating, let the refreshing scent of Grapefruit essential oil ease your stresses and anxieties and dispel any mental fog.

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Frankincense Serrata essential oil is a deep and rich essential oil that is associated with spiritual and emotional healing. Used for centuries in spiritual practices and rituals, Frankincense Serrata carries an air of sacredness and spirituality that instantly calms our mind and soothes our soul.

With its deep aroma, Frankincense Serrata essential oil instills a sense of inner peace and harmony. By adding it to a blend, it offers a grounding and centering experience and can help us to find clarity amidst stressful situations and reconnect with our inner selves.

Moreover, Frankincense Serrata essential oil also has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits. When in massage oils or roll-ons and applied directly to our skin, it can further support overall wellbeing.

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Ways to Use Nila's Stress Away Blend

Diffuse Stress Away Blend: Add a few drops of Stress Away blend to your favourite diffuser and let the calming and uplifting aroma fill the room. As you feel your body relax and the tension melting away, you will find it easier to let go of any worries or emotional stress. For those looking for a natural remedy to help sleep at night, this blend can also be used in your bedroom to ease insomnia and help you to sleep better through the night.

Stress Away Roll-On: Carry a roll-on bottle for on-the-go stress relief. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, quickly apply to your pulse points or any areas of tension and allow the essential oils to soothe your mind and body all day long.

Stress Away Aroma Inhaler: Need a moment of calm in the middle of a busy day? Inhale the soothing scent of Stress Away from the Aroma Inhaler for an instant pick-me-up! This will help your mind to clear, and help you to refocus on the task in front of you.

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As we navigate our busy lives, it is also important that we remember to prioritise our own wellbeing. We can start by carving out moments of self-care, rest and relaxation.

This Stress Awareness Month, let us embrace the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils for stress and anxiety relief, and take proactive steps towards nurturing our mental and emotional health.

With the power of Nila's Stress Away Blend, finding moments of calm amidst stressful situations is within reach. Whether you are diffusing the blend at home or in your office, applying it topically or carrying a roll-on for instant relief, incorporating this blend into your daily routine can help restore balance and promote a sense of peace and tranquility.

Embrace the journey towards stress-free living and rediscover the joy of relaxation with Nila's Stress Away Blend today!

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