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You may have heard about roll on bottles for essential oils, but do they really work? And how can they help your health problems?

Short answer: Yes. It's not a miracle but it works to varying degrees. For the long answer, keep reading this blog post.

What Are the Benefits of Using Roll On Essential Oils?

If you have attended one of our aromatherapy education programs, you'd know the science-based blessings of essential oils. Furthermore, roll on essential oils are easy to carry and convenient to use.

Use roll ons for a quick refresh when you feel down. Wondering where to put roll on essential oils? Apply a few drops on your pulse points or the affected areas and enjoy immediate relief. It can also be used on pulse points as a natural perfume. 

Pulse points are where the veins are close to the surface of the skin. They include the inner wrist, back of the neck, behind the ears, or back of the knees. Applying roll ons on your pulse points improves the rate of absorption into the bloodstream. 

You can forget about the fuss of spraying your body. Roll ons target the key areas in your body where it's most beneficial. 

Though the potency of the best roll on essential oils may vary from person to person, our customers swear by some benefits like greater energy, better sleep, and improved well-being.

10 Best Roll On Essential Oils by Nila

1. Abundance for Life

Abundance for Life blend. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Abundance for Life.
  • Raise self-esteem
  • Soothing, deep relaxation
  • Relieve everyday anxiety

Abundance For Life is the perfect blend if you suffer from low self-esteem or are sensitive to criticism. It may also limit negative thinking. That way, you may attract wealth and abundance to your life.

So, dissolve your dark thoughts and open up to manifest your dreams. Abundance For Life is formulated with pinus sylvestris, citrus sinesis, and other essential oils.

2. Self Love Crystal Series Roll-Ons

Nila Self Love Crystal Series Roll-Ons. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Self Love Crystal Series Roll-Ons.
  • Refreshing, long-lasting effect
  • Improved overall wellbeing
  • Enhanced perception

We can't recommend this collection of essential oil blends enough. You may want to try it if you want to experience the full power of aromatherapy roll ons.

The series includes five different blends. Each works on different levels in the spiritual realm to give you power, abundance, and satisfaction.

For example, the Love blend harnesses the power of Rose Quartz that creates a grounding experience. Let this essence do its magic to attract everything you want.

We can't wait to get your hands on this series of blends and see the amazing results for yourself.

3. The Blue Oil Roll-On

Nila The Blue Oil Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila The Blue Oil Roll-On.
  • Quick pain relief
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Post-workout essential oil

The Blue essential oils roll on offers many blessings if you suffer from chronic pain. It tends to relax tense muscles, release stiff joints, and enhance post-workout recovery.

Our customers usually use it as a natural pain killer in various situations. You too can rely on The Blue Oil when you need a quick shot in the arm.

Furthermore, the healing properties extend to the spiritual realm. If you want to move on from a broken relationship, use it. If you recently lost a loved one, use it. Blue Oil may help you cope with such traumatic events.

4. Anti-Flu Roll-On

Nila Anti-Flu Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
  • Best blend for sinus infection
  • Improve respiration
  • Promote fast recovery

Anti-Flu Roll-On is also featured at our shop and available for sale. If you suffer from sinusitis during winter months, you should keep it with you.

We specifically formulated this blend to cure your cold and flu symptoms. The floral scent works by opening up your lungs to take more oxygen. With improved respiration, the fever may subside.

This earthy blend from nature may also boost your immune system to fight the infection.

5. Anti-Nausea Roll-On

Nila Anti-Nausea Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Anti-Nausea Roll-On.
  • Improve digestion
  • Decrease gas
  • Increased inner balance

This fast-acting blend may surprise you with its calming effect on your digestive system. And with the active carrier oils, the effect is surely noticeable.

If you suffer from gas, stomach noises, or heartburn, this should be soothing. Plus, it may help you improve seasickness symptoms.

Furthermore, this blend may reduce the nightly nausea incidents. Whether you get drowsy or feel sleepy suddenly, you may use it to stop it.

6. Lavender Roll-On

Nila Lavender Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Lavender Roll-On.
  • Skin treatment
  • Hair growth
  • Deep sleep

Lavender is one of the best roll on essential oils. It's our favorite. We can talk about the healing properties of lavender forever. But lavender essential oil is quite beneficial to the skin. It reduces itchiness, redness, and scratchiness.

Furthermore, some people show stretch mark improvement after using this essential oil.

Beyond skin repair and hair growth, this blend promotes deep sleep. Also highly recommended if you tend to feel worried and anxious about everything.

7. Anti-Menstrual Pain Roll-On

Nila Anti-Menstrual Pain Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Anti-Menstrual Pain Roll-On.

Since there was no natural pain killer for females, we decided to create one from essential oils. The Anti-Menstrual Pain formula may reduce period cramps. Furthermore, it may reduce the accompanying headache and mood swings.

The ingredients include Golden Jojoba, which is also used to moisturize your skin. So, don't let your PMS dim your glow.

This blend should reduce the pain and lighten your mood. At least, it may help you accomplish your daily tasks with minimal discomfort despite your period.

8. Anti-Snoring Roll-On

Nila Anti-Snoring Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Anti-Snoring Roll-On.
  • Reduce sleep apnea
  • Stop snoring
  • Sleep better at night

Our anti-snoring formula is perfect if you have trouble breathing while lying down. Furthermore, it has a positive effect on heavy breathing and shortness of breath.

The Anti-Snoring Roll-on works by clearing airways that may cause snoring. Thus, as the air flows freely without obstruction, snoring may be significantly decreased.

Since snoring is a sensitive issue to bring up, you can ask your partner to use this floral scent.

9. Migraine / Headache Relief Roll-On

Nila Migraine / Headache Relief Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Migraine / Headache Relief Roll-On.
  • Get rid of a headache quickly
  • Painless migraine treatment
  • Enhance mental clarity

Headache roll on essential oils may reverse headaches and migraines. The essential oils work by increasing blood flow to the brain. Importantly, they help release stress and tension to boost your energy level.

This aroma may help if you suffer from chronic headaches. Keep it in your pocket and use it when you feel the pain. Though, we strongly suggest you take care of your diet, sleep, and exercise as well.

10. Insomnia Roll-On

Nila Insomnia Roll-On. Roll On Essential Oils - Nila.
Nila Insomnia Roll-On.
  • Encourage melatonin production
  • Calm your mind
  • Natural sleep aid

At the end of the day, our sleep roll on essential oils is the best way to release stress and reduce fatigue.

The power of this spicy blend lies in its pure, natural ingredients, which have tons of scientific research behind them. We chose each essential oil in this blend to tackle senses that affect sleep, from boosting melatonin production and calming the mind to supporting respiratory function and relaxing the body.


In conclusion, roll on essential oils may greatly enhance your daily activity by healing your everyday health issues. Whether it's low energy, poor sleep hygiene, or the flu, there's an essential oil blend that may help.

We invite you to enjoy the gifts given to us so generously by Mother Nature at Nila.

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