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Natural Insect Repellent - Nila Singapore

Natural Insect Repellent | Effective & Safe Bug Repellents 

Some insects carry viruses and parasites that are a global public health concern. Their bites can cause not only disease but irritation too. If you’re tired of dealing with itchy, bumpy skin resulting from insect bites, then natural insect repellents are the solution for you. They’ll come in handy if...

How to Diffuse Essential Oil - Nila

How to Diffuse Essential Oil With or Without a Diffuser

What is more soothing than walking into a room and you’re welcomed by a cozy aroma of essential oil? Essential oils are usually organic and provide a safer alternative to scented candles, which in some instances, can be hazardous to our health. These oils smell incredible and offer an array...

Essential Oils for Nausea - Nila

10 Best Essential Oils for Nausea | Nila Essential Oils

Want to soothe nausea and relieve pain? Certain essential oils for nausea may help with nausea symptoms, like food poisoning, stomach irritation, and physical pain.Reducing nausea isn't only possible but also affordable. For the first time, Nila offers its fast-acting cure to treat nausea without adverse reactions. Check out our...

Natural Mosquito Repellent - Nila Singapore

#1 Essential Oil Natural Mosquito Repellent Blend | Nila

Fragrant essential oils have multiple uses, amongst them, repelling mosquitoes. These have, over the years proven to be an effective way of keeping away the malaria-causing insects when exploring the outdoors, especially in the tropical regions. However, not all essential oils can get the job done. Keep reading this blog...

Essential Oil Blends for Sleep - Nila Singapore

7 Best Essential Oil Blends for Sleep | Nila Singapore

Our ancestors discovered the most natural way to enjoy sweet sleep despite insomnia in Singapore. They used essential oil blends for sleep, such as Roman chamomile essential oil, to improve sleep quality.We continue to build on their wisdom and create the best essential oil blends for sleep. If you're tired...

Essential Oils for Flu - Nila Singapore

11 Essential Oils for Flu & Cold Season | Natural Remedies

What are your chances of catching a cold this season?The thing is, our bodies react differently to a viral infection. And there's no one way to fight the common cold.But with essential oils for flu, you may manage and prevent the misery.Bring a cup of your favorite beverage, and let's...

Roll On Rssential Oils - Nila Singapore

Roll On Essential Oils | Aromatherapy at Your Fingertips

You may have heard about roll on bottles for essential oils, but do they really work? And how can they help your health problems?Short answer: Yes. It's not a miracle but it works to varying degrees. For the long answer, keep reading this blog post.

What Are the Benefits of...

10 Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends 2023

The best smelling essential oil blends can make your home smell incredible, and also offer a wide range of benefits connected to your health, wellness, and even spirituality. Here are our favourite top 10 signature blends!