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Amazon: The Centre of Mother Nature

On the Global Day of Action for Amazon, let us take a moment to observe the beauty of mother nature that surrounds us and supports us in so many different ways. Embrace the steps we need to take to preserve Mother Earth at its finest and for the future generations...

Keeping the Virus at Bay with Antiviral Essential Oils

While we wait for the vaccine to be developed, what we can do is also to boost our immunity system, and what better way than to do this naturally using essential oils? Read more to find out the different ways you can use our Anti-Flu essential oil blend.

Using Aromatherapy for Eczema Relief

Essential oils and plant oils can provide a natural remedy for eczema relief by easing itching, keeping your skin moisturised, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and regenerating the growth of new cells.

How to Successfully Break Up with Eczema

Tired of living with eczma, hives or generally itchy and dry skin? Our Premium Eczema Relief Oil is a skin regenerating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and uplifting remedy to help you part ways with eczema for good.

Resolutions with the Right Intentions

As we ring in the new year, Adeline recommends a blend of essential oils to help you start your year feeling fresh, confident, happy and bursting with the energy to get those new year resolutions checked off one by one.