Using Aromatherapy for Eczema Relief

Eczema is set to rise in Singapore. According to a report in Strait Times published on 8th September 2015, up to 20% of children in Singapore suffers from eczema and KK Hospital sees 8 to 10 new cases every day.

The cause of eczema has not been fully understood but studies have shown it appears to be caused by genetic and environmental factors. In Singapore, it is common for eczema to be triggered by the hot, humid weather and dust mites at home. Other factors that have been attributed to eczema also include allergies, stress, poor diet, dysfunctional immune systems and toxins building up in the body. Those who struggle eczema would know very well that it is very difficult not to scratch when our eczema flares up, but scratching would cause the skin to spilt and bleed and leaving it susceptible to infection.

Most of the time, eczema causes patches of our skin to become rough and inflamed. Consequently, our skin can become dry, red and itchy. In severe cases, there could be blisters, weeping, crusting and bleeding on our skin. Although a common condition, eczema is a very difficult condition to live with and can affect our quality of life, self esteem and self-image. In worse cases, it can disrupt relationships, family life, and even the continuity of daily activities such as work or study.

At Nila Singapore, we understand your struggles. Through aromatherapy, we believe that essential oils and plant oils can provide a natural remedy for eczema relief by easing itching, keeping your skin moisturised, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and regenerating the growth of new cells.

In healthy skin, our cells are plumped with moisture. Fats and oils help retain moisture, maintain body temperature and preventing damage and infection. When you have eczema, your skin produces less oils and fats, and is therefore less able to retain much moisture. The skin’s natural barrier is thus lost. The cornerstone of treatment and prevention of eczema is regular and adequate moisturising to manage inflammation and its symptoms.

We recommend the following essential oils and plant oils for their wonderful properties:

*Caution: Phototoxic

Essential oils should only be used with proper dilution (see dilution guidelines here).

The functions of plant oils (carrier oils) are as follows:

As a moisturiser

To soften skin

To nourish skin

To fade scars

To promote skin elasticity

To influence sebum production

To protect the skin against internal and external influences

As a pain relieving medium

As healing support medium

As medium for use of essential oils on the skin

Premium Eczema Relief Oil

Bestselling relief oil for eczema, psoriasis and hives

Suitable for teenagers and adults

Ingredients: Virgin olive oil, Palmarosa, Geranium, Natural Vitamin E, Helichrysum, Sandalwood, Sea Buckthorn berries CO2 Extract

Kids Eczema Relief Oil

Suitable for age 6 months to 10 years old

Ingredients: Organic virgin olive oil, Natural Vitamin E, Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli

For age 3 to 6 months – please dilute further with olive oil or any suitable plant oils

For age 3 months and below, we recommend you use only Shea Butter or Olive Oil

For weeping eczema, apply eczema relief oil over the affected area.  Once absorbed, apply a layer of unrefined shea butter.

For extreme itching (age 4 and above):

Apply at least 2 times a day, or as often as needed, especially after showering. Please continue the use of Nila Premium Eczema Relief Oil for its nourishing and moisturising properties to prevent flare-ups.

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