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Our ancestors discovered the most natural way to enjoy sweet sleep despite insomnia in Singapore. They used essential oil blends for sleep, such as Roman chamomile essential oil, to improve sleep quality.

We continue to build on their wisdom and create the best essential oil blends for sleep. If you're tired because you don't get enough sleep, we have some interesting insights for you!

How Do Essential Oil Blends Help You Sleep?

Essential oil blends for sleep - Nila Singapore
Essential oils are used as a common insomnia remedy.

Today, we continue to discover new oil essential oil recipes to enhance sleep. We already know essential oils affect the primal part of the brain. It's the part of your brain that organizes human life processes like respiration, metabolism, sleep, etc.

When you inhale relaxing essential oil blends for sleep, the aromatic volatile molecules penetrate the limbic system, eliciting their beneficial effects on our nervous system, and inducing a state of relaxation in the body.

The soothing, calming, balancing, and anxiety-reducing essential oils like lavender, sweet marjoram, sandalwood, vetiver, and Roman chamomile are very effective in giving you a good night's sleep.

Best Essential Oil Blends for Sleep

1. Insomnia Blend

Nila Insomnia Blend.
Nila Insomnia Blend.

The Insomnia essential oil blend is formulated with the best essential oil blends for sleep. It includes lavender essential oil, frankincense, and other essential oils. It also contains pine, which can help you breathe better and increase your oxygen intake.

These essential oils work together for increased effectiveness. Furthermore, they combine several benefits in a few drops.

Using the Insomnia Blend before bed may help you fall asleep fast. The calming properties of this woody aroma may also help you stay asleep. So, this soothing blend might be the best choice if you suffer from insomnia.

2. Anti-Snoring Blend

Nila Anti-Snoring Blend.
Nila Anti-Snoring Blend.

If you have difficulty breathing while you sleep, the Anti-Snoring essential oil blend is one of the best essential oil blends for sleep. A few drops in your aromatherapy diffuser should clear congestion and refresh your lungs. Clearing your air passages for improved inhaling and exhaling.

Improved breathing is most likely to reduce snoring and give you a good night's sleep. Soothing body aches may also reduce snoring. Furthermore, the cedarwood essential oil promotes emotional well-being.

The Anti-Snoring diffuser blend may also increase sleep duration. It's especially useful if you can't get enough sleep and wake up feeling less energetic.

3. Stress Away Blend

Nila Stress Away Blend.
Nila Stress Away Blend.

The Stress Away blend contains bergamot essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and roman chamomile to alleviate stress and balance blood pressure. If stress is stopping you from getting enough deep sleep, then this blend is for you.

Whether you're depressed or have worries, you may rely on this blend to melt your stress away. It combines seven of our favorite essential oils for a deep sleep diffuser blend.

Furthermore, it features some of the best diffuser blends for sleep. Roman chamomile essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, and lavender essential oil are all safe alternatives to harmful antidepressants.

4. Tranquil Blend

Nila Tranquil Blend.
Nila Tranquil Blend.

Looking for a sleep diffuser blend? Look no further than the Tranquil Blend. This warm aroma may certainly clear your negative thoughts to help you fall asleep fast. Tranquil essential oil blend is one of the best bedtime diffuser blends with its rich eucalyptus essential oil and lavender oil. You may enjoy the spicy aroma that comes with it.

Even if you suffer from poor sleep quality, you can always rely on the best smelling essential oil blends like Tranquil.

5. Wind Down Blend

Nila Wind Down Blend.
Nila Wind Down Blend.

Wind Down is one of the top relaxing essential oil blends for sleep. It contains vetiver essential oil, which promotes long sleep. It also has lavender oil, which is a big star of essential oils with many benefits. Bergamot oil and cedarwood oil are also present.

This floral aroma is a valuable addition to your daily spiritual routine if you practice yoga or other meditation techniques. The sleep essential oil blend is also pleasant on its own to use in your sleep diffuser.

If you're looking to enhance your overall physical health, give it a try. The results might surprise you, and not only improve your sleep.

6. Blessings Blend

Nila Blessings Blend.
Nila Blessings Blend.

Blessings Blend offers patchouli essential oil, sweet orange, and frankincense oil in one bottle. Patchouli works by relaxing your nerves and helping you go to sleep peacefully. In aromatherapy education, sweet orange is also an effective sedative with calming properties.

Research also supports the benefits of frankincense essential oil in helping sleep. It's not only a natural sedative, but it's also a natural painkiller. It regulates body heat and slows your heart rate to help you enter a restful sleep state in minutes.

Other essential oil blends here include cinnamon, ginger, and clove in the carrier oil. These vital sleep essential oil diffuser blends also enhance your sleep in more ways than we can describe. In short, the Blessings essential oil blend packs lots of health benefits beyond improving your sleep.

7. Believe Blend

Nila Believe Blend.
Nila Believe Blend.

The Believe essential oil blend offers geranium oil, lavender essential oil, and lemon. These essential oils blend together to provide you with the best defense against the most common sleep problems.

It's one of the best-sellers at our shop as well. It's our multi-purpose, favorite essential oil when it comes to the best essential oils for sleep. With this blend, you may reset your biological clock due to shift work. And prevent headaches that affect your sleep quality. Add it to your cabinet today.

How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils for sleep usually come from the roots, flowers, and leaves of plants. Thus, you should use carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, or distilled water to dilute their concentration. Otherwise, you may get a nasty allergic reaction. It's science and art. If you're not a certified aromatherapist, it's best to purchase essential oil diffuser blends for sleep from trusted brands like Nila.

Additionally, you may dilute essential oils in a special essential oil diffuser in the privacy of your home. By diffusing essential oils in essential oil diffusers, you may inhale the vapors passively.

Some people prefer to use sleep diffuser blends in shampoos, creams, and lotions. You may also add a few drops to your warm bath, massage oil, or laundry. Some candles can also contain calming oils. In general, it depends on you and your preferred method.


In conclusion, our own essential oil blends for sleep will enhance your sleep in many ways. They may lessen many sleep disorders like insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, etc. There is always an essential oil blend that erases the things that block your good sleep. 

Visit Nila today, you may enjoy great sleep by night and amazing energy by day.

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